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Surfing The Shark

Forget jumping the shark, Doug Niblack surfed the shark! Yep, while surfing at Seaside a 12ft great white bumped him off his board but instead of becoming shark bait he somehow ended up standing on top of the creature. Humiliated the shark swam off.


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Hanging Face!

You know what I hate? When a surfboard impales your face… I really friggin hate that! Empathy alert for Tom Palastanga who duck dived straight into the nose of another surfer’s board who was riding a wave in New Zealand. As his face hit a piece broke off and embedded into his cheek. Ewh, nasty. The chunk went through his cheek, sinus and nasal cavity before piercing the pharynx at the back of his throat. Dude?


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RIP Andy Irons

Surfing legend Andy Irons has died at  32. The three times world champion was found dead in his hotel room in Dallas after failing to compete in a surfing event in Puerto Rico.Irons was said to be too ill to fly from Texas to Hawaii and may have died from Dengue Fever. He leaves behind a pregnant wife.


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Toes Out Of The Water

Margaret River is in shock today after news that a surfer has been mauled to death by a shark this morning. Despite the desperate efforts of locals and fellow surfers to save the man, his injuries were just too horrific.The attack happened at Gracetown break, South Point, a popular surfing location. Gracetown local, Rob Alder said he noticed a half board floating without a rider from his balcony and rushed down to the beach. Another local witnessed thrashing in the water and then noticed a guy swimming for the rocks. A pod of seals in the area are believed to have been the shark’s intended victims. A group of surfers (friggin heroes) administered CPR and mouth to mouth for 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. They were all still in shock on hearing the news of his death as they had managed to get color back into his face and thought he had a good chance of surviving.

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