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Might Want To Check Your Liver

Attention recent British liver transplant patients, you might want to check to see if your liver has your surgeons initials burnt into it. Apparently if  your surgeon brands your organs without your consent it is assault. Who knew? The surgeon in question has pleaded guilty in the unprecedented case.


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And This Is The Thanks I Get

OMG, a top Florida surgeon in the US has been gunned down by, get this, a disgruntled patient, who the doctor had recently saved by performing a double organ transplant . Nelson Flecha shot dead Dr Dmitriy Nikitinwas as he walked to his car  following a shift at a hospital, then turned the gun on himself. Police are at a loss as to why Fletcha would murder his surgeon after receiving a new lifesaving liver and kidney. Dr Dmitriy Nikitin was 41 and leaves behind 4 young children. Sad.


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On The Bright Side It’s A Beautiful Baby Boy!

Oh shit!

Oh dear god, what’s worse than having a  baby by caesarean? A Tel Aviv doctor accidentally setting you on fire while having one! It all started when the woman was dabbed with an alcohol solution before and during the procedure.  When the surgeon cranked up his diathermic needle, which uses an electric current …..kaboom…the poor woman was engulfed in flames. No worries. After the fire was put out  and the woman bandaged, the surgeon continued with the Caesarian. Atta boy. Anywho, after the birth the woman received skin grafts to her butt and thighs and had to have extensive plastic surgery.



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So That’s Why You’re Single!

I'm thinking eHarmony!

OK here’s the thing daddy, can you quit scaring off  eligible bachelors , I’m a desperate 42 year old surgeon for godness sakes! The Saudi women is currently suing her dad, who also happens to be her male guardian, because he is forcibly keeping her single. Could it be because her nice hefty salary goes directly into his bank account? I think so.


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Well This Is Awkward

Shall we give him some of his own medicine?

OK, here’s the thing you Nazi, if you have a tattoo of a Reichsadler (Imperial eagle) perched on a swastika on your arm, just hope your surgeon isn’t Jewish! A Jewish doctor in Germany walked out of a surgery and refused to operate on his patient after he noticed the Nazi tatt on his arm. So much for the Hippocratic Oath.


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It’s Not A Friggin Lifestyle!

Back to the "lifestyle" farm

A New Zealand surgeon has got himself a slap on the wrist after he told an obese woman to “go on a fucking diet”. The severely fat woman had told the doctor she didn’t like the word “diet” and preferred the term “lifestyle”. Hmm, seems that got up his goat and proceeded to tell her that if she couldn’t handle the word “diet” she was still bullshitting herself and her thinking was basically fucked. He later scratched her from the gastric bypass waiting list.


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