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Wherefore Art Thou

A golden retriever named Romeo has been pulled from rubble after the Italian earthquake 9 days ago. His owners, who were trying to retrieve belongings , called out to him and he responded with a bark. Bewildered rescuers then dug the pooch out.

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Titanic Survivor

Grab the cracker Rose

Grab the cracker Rose

Guess what survived the sinking of the Titanic and just sold for $23,000? A cracker… Yep, a little Spillers and Bakers Pilot cracker left in a survival kit on one of the lifeboats. I know what you are all thinking, someone should have gobbled that down. Silly Billies, probably too busy rowing. However, James Fenwick, a passenger on the rescue ship Carpathia saw the cracker and put it in an envelope and marked it “Pilot biscuit from Titanic lifeboat April 1912.” Fast forward 103 years and now that unpretentious little cracker is called the “world’s most valuable biscuit.”

PSST I bet it is stale.


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When All Else Fails

Main diet of flies

Main diet of flies

A German backpacker who went missing after attempting to walk from Queensland to Uluru has survived for 3 weeks by …. wait for it… eating flies. Harsh. The 26 year old, who was picked up by two men, who found him wandering near Cooper’s Creek, seemed to be in good health and just wanted something less disgusting to eat and some ciggies.

Psst Hey Bearman, you remember eating flies on your trip Down Under, don’t ya?


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Chip Off The Old Block

shedderHmm, you can scratch that one off your bucketlist mister. A guy in Washington has survived going through a wood chipper. Yes, it was on. He sustained a broken pelvis, shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg and a deep, body-length cut but he survived.


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Butch Cassidy Was a Machinist from Spokane

Hands up who friggin cares if Butch Cassidy survived the 1908 shootout in Bolivia and actually returned to the US to live out his final years? Hmm, thought so! Anywho, a Utah book collector does and he believes  that William T Phillips, a machinist from Spokane, was in fact Butch! Seriously! If you give two hoots you can read the rest of the story here otherwise carry on as you were!

Cassidy and Phillips


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