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Biggest Insult EVER

A US executive is suing her boss (and scent making firm Firmenich) for $6 million after he told her she looked like Susan Boyle. Sheez, only $6 million?

Want sauce with that?


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Susan Boyle Twitter Fail

Oh for crying out loud, what was Susan Boyle’s team thinking when they set up a hash tag to promote her new album?


All I see is



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Susan Boyle’s Got Competition

Move over Susan Boyle there is a new creepy person boy on the block care of Taiwan’s “Super Star Avenue”. Despite the rice bowl hair cut the kid can sing. Check out Lin Yu Chun…

Psst Imagine if Subo and Chun did a duet? Video clip from hell!


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Susan Boyle Mop Meltdown

OK, but with a mop!

OK, I’ll try to be nice loons, as I know there are quite a few Susan Boyle fans amongst you.  Seems the fragile singer has had another semi meltdown at the VIP lounge in Heathrow airport, singing into a mop and then trying to polish people’s shoes with it. Witnesses say she grabbed the mop from a cleaner and began shouting obscenities before breaking out into song using the floor cleaning device as a microphone. Hello, where were her minders? British airline staff tried to calm SuBo down but she fled the lounge screaming “I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped!”. A BA official sat with the distraught singer until she boarded her flight to Chicago.

Psst Why did they let her board a plane and why was she not accompanied by a minder? Irresponsible.


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TV Host Calls Susan Boyle Retarded

Oh for goodness sakes who called Susan Boyle a retard? Was that you Paul Henry? The New Zealand presenter is now in big, big trouble after saying “Here’s the really interesting revelation: she is in fact retarded. If you look at her carefully, you can make it out.”  Sheez Henry, no one puts  Susan  in the corner!


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Britain’s Got a Breakdown

Prior to eyebrow pluck

Prior to eyebrow pluck

Hmm, seems it has all just got too much for singing sensation Susan Boyle, who came runner up in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. Miss Boyle is tonight being cared for in a private clinic after reports she has had an emotional breakdown. The overnight success had been acting strange (or stranger than usual) after her shock loss in the TV talent show to a group of street dancers (always the bridesmaid). Miss Boyle, who was starved of oxygen when born , has mild learning disabilities and a Scottish short fuse, threatened to quit after an alleged ranting and swearing incident in a London Hotel prior to the finals. The pressure of becoming so popular so quickly may have taken its toll. Geez, then add Demi, Oprah and the bookies to the picture… it’s enough to make you want to go back to your cats!


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Susan Boyle Withdrawl Symptoms?

OK, the latest installment of Susan Boyle includes an eyebrow pluck, swanky new hairdo and some glamor threads.Wanna hear her purr like a kitten. Britains Got Talent semi’s sees the hairy angel swoon into the finals. Of course you want to hear her friggin sing…before they block it from Youtube!
Psst Maybe Simon can tee up a duet with Boyle and Lambert…glam and not so glam (just a thought!).

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Boyle vs Hollie

The stakes are getting high on Britain’s Got Talent and it seems Susan Boyle will stop at nothing to win!

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Susan Boyle’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle maybe a little bit wacky, has never been kissed (ever) , lives with a cat and gets teased by the neighborhood children but she has one thing going for her…she can sing! Oh and I mean sing. When Miss Boyle was asked what her ambition was, she told Simon Cowell she wanted to be like Elaine Paige. The audience of Britain’s Got Talent burst in to collective laughter…that was until she opened her mouth. Typical, all the YouTube clips have now been disabled  so here is the link to Susan Boyle .

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