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Festival Ends In Tragedy

What the hell type of festival leaves 345 people dead? Ask the organizers of Water Festival in Phnom Penh! Between 2-4  million people were attending the event when a suspension bridge crossing to an island began to sway. Cue panic and a stampede. It didn’t help that police began spraying a friggin water cannon at the people to get them to move off the bridge, nor that the bridge was covered in electric lights. Zap!  Electrocution and suffocation are believed to be the main cause of death. Cambodian Prime Minister said “This is the biggest tragedy since the Pol Pot regime,”

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It Didn’t Work

Oh boy, the ironies of life. Twelve Indonesian children have died after a suspension bridge collapsed while they were watching a ceremony to rid their village of bad luck. As the adults threw chickens into the river,  37 children gathered on the bridge before it suddenly collapsed, washing the youngsters away in the strong current.


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