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I Hope This Won’t Interfere With The Cricket?

O’oh, the US ambassador to Pakistan thinks there is a link between the Haqqani militant network and the Pakistani government. This could end in tears! The attack in Kabul a few days ago, which left 25 dead, was the work of Haqqani group. Despite the US government not wanting to cause more tension with Pakistan they are getting more and more suspicious of the government’s involvement and their lack of action. US officials have made it clear to Pakistan if they don’t take serious measures  to stop the terrorist group the US will  take action even if it is on Pakistani soil. I’m assuming this will  be all reiterated in the  standard tersely worded letter.


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Who Were The Two Nuns At The Royal Wedding?

While the whole world was LOLing over the two atrocious hats worn by Princess Eugenie and Beatrice at the Royal wedding, some people were eyebrow raising over the two grey tunic nuns seated next to Wills and Kate during the ceremony. One in particular , the tall one wearing Reeboks, raised quite a bit of suspicion. Who were these nuns? Why did they get prime seats (especially when poor Chelsea  was near the exit)?  Were they “ninja nuns” or undercover MI5 agents? So many questions so few answers.

Psst All I can safely say is they weren’t friggin fashion police!

Nun or ninja?


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I Got A Bone To Pick With You!

Do I look like a friggin spy?

A sorry assed vulture has got himself arrested in Saudi Arabia on suspicion of being a  Mossad spy. Oh boy, the bird unfortunately was wearing a transmitter and had a leg tag with the words “Tel Aviv University” clearly marked on it. Awkward. Hmm, this latest bungle comes hot on the heels of Egypt suggesting Israel’s foreign intelligence agency was behind a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea. Yep, some conspiracy theorists believe the Mossad threw deadly sharks into the sea to scare off tourists last month.


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