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Bomb Squad At Rush Limbaugh’s Home

The bomb squad were called to Rush Limbaugh’s Palm Beach home today after a sus package was discovered with “electronic plaque and wires”. The police have already traced the sender, who is from Pennsylvania. They claim there was nothing that could go kaboom! Move on, nothing to see here.

Psst Who would want to blow up Rush?




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Gloria Allred

Who the hell would attempt to blow up Gloria Allred? Hmm, now lets see, there’s …… Seems some clown sent a suspicious package addressed to  the mega lawyer but it turned out to be just a water bottle. Anywho, all I can say is you better run fool.

Psst Gloria Allred is an American lawyer who takes on high profile cases and is kinda scary. You might remember her as the lawyer of Joslyn James, the hard done by porn star lover of Tiger Woods.

Want sauce with that?


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They Are Still Considered a Threat!

Why do birds police suddenly appear every time you are near? When the Cypress police department received a sus package they immediately rang the Orange County bomb squad, fearing it might contain something that goes kaboom. What they discovered was truly horrifying, a 45rpm record of the Carpenters. Dear god thank goodness no one was hurt!


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Royal Canadian Mounted Police On Their Guard

Don't panic we have it under control!

When police in British Columbia discovered a suspicious package on the ground they took no chances, locking down a shopping center and several office buildings and canceling SeaBus ferry service. The bomb squad were called in and they detonated the cylindrical package and safely destroying the fishing rod inside it! Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Michael McLaughlin said “Our job is to keep you safe and that is why we did what we did today.” There are a few relieved fish, I can tell you!

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