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Jack Ruby Rang

Oh for the love of WTF. The death of Jeffrey Epstein is appalling as it is friggin suspicious. JFK would be rolling in his grave! I have been following this trainwreck for years and I must say was blindsided by the “apparent” suicide. With a list as long as your arm of people who wanted him gone,  I must say I am struggling to pinpoint the main suspects. I assume there must be several to muddy the waters and make it impossible to prove. I would be looking for cryptocurrency exchanges for starters.

Not only is the death in Federal custody appalling, but it also sends a clear and subtle message to the brave women who have fought long and hard to expose these creeps…there is nowhere to hide.







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Top Pathologist Questions Rebecca Zahau’s Autopsy Report

The bizarre case of Rebecca Zahau just got a whole lot stranger. Rebecca was the girlfriend of millionaire Jonah Shacknai who was found hanging naked and bound outside a window in his mansion following the death of Jonah’s 6 year old’s son Max.It was initially believed she had committed suicide after being upset about the accidental death of Max (she was the only person home when he fell down a flight of stairs). However her family are convinced Rebecca would not take her own life and definitely wouldn’t bound her hands and feet nor put a gag in her mouth.

On Friday officials declared her death a suicide but a local news group obtained a copy of the autopsy report and alarms bells immediately started ringing. Renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht then entered the debate when he saw the report and became immediately skeptical about the official findings.

Here are some of things the Medical Examiner did not adequately explain on the report –

1. How she managed to bind her hands (behind her back) and feet and put a gag in her mouth?

2. How she tied a shirt three times around her neck and then tied the other end to a bed with neat slip knots and square knots?

3. What was the mysterious tape residue  found on her ankles?

4. She also had subgaleal hemorrhages on her head which only occurs when the head is struck by something.


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Nearly Dropped a Load!

OMG, when white dust suddenly appeared in an Alaska Airline flight  lavatory  everybody panicked.  Hello, anthrax or a bomb people because every terrorist thinks “Alaska’ when plotting to kaboom something.  Enter fire department and hazardous materials experts who determined the substance was in fact…wait for it…toilet paper. Sheez, I bet all 151 passengers who were delayed were relieved!

Want sauce with that?


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Australia’s Next Top Flop

OMG, blahahahah, awkward. Australia’s Next Top Model finale turned into an all out embarrassing live TV F*** up, after Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner. With the crowd going berserk and Kelsey Martinovich’s parents jumping out of their seats, an extremely embarrassed Sarah Murdoch was left having to stop the celebrations to announce she had named the wrong winner… it was really Amanda Ware.

Psst Hmm, I wonder if this was staged? Seems words out that Harper’s Bazaar mag had already posted a congrats to  Amanda at 4.51pm!!!! The show finale wasn’t until 7.30pm. Hello, did the votes really count? Were  people  paying 50 cents to vote for nothing?  I suspect the modeling agencies and the magazines have more influence than the general public!

Was it rigged?


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Not The Best Hiding Space

Oh dear, if you are going to kill your brother it is best not to bury him in the yard beside the house, especially when your mom is home. Stanley Eckard has been taken into custody for the alleged murder of his brother Sean Eckard after his mom saw him burying something in the yard. Despite claiming he was burying stuff belonging to his old girlfriend, his sister asked their dad to dig it up and have a look. Sadly he found the body of his son.


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