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Self Serve

If you try and purchase $2,200 worth of gift cards at a Safeway store and your cheque bounces what do you do? Apparently, if you are a middle aged woman with an SUV you smash into store and drive up and down the aisles. She was arrested at home. No word on whether she got her gift cards.

PSST Oregon


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Ironic Story Of The Week


Oooh hoo, and the winner of the  ironic story of the week  goes to …drum roll please…the alleged drunk driver who crashed his SUV into a LA sober living home. Ta-da! Sheez, it’s enough to make you…ah never mind!

Want sauce with that?


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Human Frogger Fail

Remember that dumbass video game Frogger? Yep, the one where you try to get the frogs safely across the road without  turning them into roadkill. Well anywho, some guy from South Carolina was hospitalized after he decided to try the real life version of the game. Hmm, evidently he got cleaned up by a SUV. Game over. Friends say he was discussing the game just before he yelled “go” and then ran into on coming traffic on a four lane highway.


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Another Bomb in Time Square But This Time It’s Not a Musical

WTF, while the mouse is away. Here I was thinking nothing ever happens on a Sunday and Kaboom a friggin Time Square lock down, car bombs, panic and mayhem. Damn you. OK, so I am the last to know, but I have to write something about it right? So far the New York police have zilch, nada, zip on who was behind the homemade explosive device planted in a SUV parked outside a Broadway Theatre. But hello New York….another wake-up call.Them terrorist are sneaky little buggers. You gotta do more than just keep your eye on the ball on New Years eve people! OK, here’s what we know, the SUV had Connecticut license plates (registered to a Ford F-150), they found a box which contained two gas cans, three propane tanks, electric wires, black powder and a timing device. There is a second box in the SUV but police are yet to open it (just in case Kaboom!). Oh and mister or miss terrorist, authorities say the bomb looked amateurish, so there!


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Royal Hit and Run

Yeah, sorry mom I fucked up!

Oh for goodness sakes Prince Andrew it isn’t like you have a real job or anything….you should stop when you friggin hit someone with your 4×4 . Oooh, I bet the Queen  reached for an icepack after her favorite son allegedly hit a uniformed policeman with his SUV and didn’t even bother stopping. The cop in question intervened when he saw the Prince racing towards the gates of Buckingham Palace at full pelt at the same time two Japanese tourists were walking past (oblivious to the impending danger). He suffered and arm injury over his heroics, despite the prince not even so much as braking as he continued on his merry way. I guess the Royal PR people will be working overtime tonight. Get out the royal rug, we are in for some sweeping!


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