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Raptor Enraptured

WTF is that? Friggin mascot from hell. Hmm, shouldn’t it be swallowing the opposition cheerleader?

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Cough It Up

OK, here’s the thing would-be diamond ring thief, if you are going to swallow the evidence make sure you don’t cough it back up when police arrive. Rebecca Moore had her $20,000 diamond ring stolen from her car while she was out shopping in Joplin. Fortunately a jeweler who had been notified about the theft recognized the stolen ring and was able to stall the would-be thieves who were trying to flog it. When the police arrive the ring went straight down the throat of one of the thieves. Unlucky for him he began coughing uncontrollably and ending up coughing it back up. Hmm, I guess if I had to choose which end I would want the ring exiting I’d choose the mouth.


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