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Mythical Swamp Monster


Holy crap, I had no friggin idea there was a swamp monster called Taniwha living under Auckland. Well, evidently there is and it ain’t very happy that authorities are planning to sink a billion dollar railway tunnel right through it’s hiding place. Egads, remember when the Japanese pissed off Godzilla?  The representative for the creature, Mr Glenn Wilcox  (a member of the Maori Statutory board), is complaining that no one consulted or took into account the monster’s feelings when making plans for the underground railway, which is friggin inconsiderate considering it “was here first”. Anywho, the local Maori board are now pleased that  the “correct consultation” has finally taken place and the monster is no longer angry. Of course it helped that they  invoiced thousands of dollars for public relations advice relating to the swamp monster to the council. Yep, seems money talks when negotiating with mythical Maori monsters.


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