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You know what I hate? When a Phoenix SWAT team accidentally shoots the wrong woman. I really friggin hate that! The sharpshooters were responding to a call about an an armed woman, who had barricaded herself into an apartment with another woman. At some stage the women swapped clothes and kaboom the swat team fired hitting the innocent victim. Police aren’t sure if the clothes swap was diliberately done to confuse the shooters but the armed woman was later arrested and the poor victim taken to hospital. Hmm, the victim was kinda in a lose/lose situation!

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Gone Postal

Could there  be anything worse than an ex postal worker with a samurai sword? Sheez, I don’t know,  might want to ask the poor deli clerk who was confronted by the angry katan-style samurai sword wielding Michael Burr. The deli clerk was just minding his own beeswax when the former postal worker came in and began swinging the sword around.  Burr eventually fled the scene and ran back home where a five hour standoff with the Washington SWAT team ensued. The drama ended when a canister of tear gas was shot through his window. Burr had recently been suspended from his US postal Service job.


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Friggin Scary

Child molester fugitive caught by the FBII’m sorry but I simply had to post this. OK, the first person to raise their hand and tell me how Mr Edward Eugene Harper could be a child molester? Hello, any child in their right mind would run screaming the moment they saw him coming. I think even I would. Mr Harper has been on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list since last year and it took a SWAT team and a bunch of FBI agents to apprehend him.

Psst I am not sure if he only has one eye or he’s just winking!


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