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Move Over Judge Judy

judge 2You know a crim has got up the nose of a judge when she calls him “a c**t ”. Yep, the racist thug started his tirade from the docks by calling Judge Lynch “a bit of a c**t” so she retorted with “You are a bit of a c**t  yourself”. He then yelled back “Go f**k yourself.” Her response? “You too,”. Priceless.

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Rage Yoga

Downward $^%%* dog NOW!!!!

Downward $^%%* dog NOW!!!!

Yes, yes, yes….finally. A Canadian genius guru woman has come up with a unique idea…rage yoga. Yep, you can let it all out during the yoga session, screaming, yelling swearing, and then down a pint or two afterwards. See ya serious connoisseurs of the ancient art and hello Y Gen raging helicopter moms .


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Cockatoos Hate Round Cages


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Bad Parrot

parrotAfter continually getting cursed at by a parrot as she walked passed the house of her stepson, an 85 year old Indian woman did the only thing she thought right…..dobbed the feathery creature into police. Despite the parrot being detained for swearing it remained tight beaked and refused to mutter a single obscenity. The woman believes her stepson trained the parrot to shout obscene words and phrases at only her , following a family dispute.

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Why Don’t You Grow Your Own

Sheez, this lady should have her mouth washed out with the rhubarb instead of stealing it. WARNING – REALLY BAD LANGUAGE.


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You Can’t %&*#ing Curse in Middleboro

Well %$*@ me, a new Middleboro (Massachusetts) bylaw, that now gives police the power to fine anyone caught %$*@ing swearing in public, has ruffled the feathers of the locals. A group of about 60 protestors cursed and flashed their middle fingers in disgust at the new laws. Hell, a protest isn’t complete without a megaphone, and the protestors didn’t disappoint, with an open mic allowing anyone to express their disapproval with some choice words. Hmm, I’m predicting a few people may be bankrupt by the end of the year .


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Sugar Plum Fairy Gets Sacked For Swearing During Drug Test

What is the world coming to when St Charles’ Sugar Plum Fairy of five years gets fired for swearing during a drug test? Oh, she also works in an adult-themed comedy burlesque shows. Well, sack her silly ass then. Hang on, why does a Sugar Plum Fairy have to take a drug test anyways? Oh, Christmas festival + little kiddies = urine test . Laura Coppinger who has been the Sugar Plum Fairy for 5 years evidently flushed the toilet during her little drug testing twinkle and got told off by the drug adminstrator. They don’t take to kindly to flushing in Missouri, as it could easily be a way to dilute the wee. That’s when the fairy let rip with a cuss word and ultimately lost her $13.08 an hour job (despite only the administrator hearing). Hmm, now the only pole she is going to see is at her adult-themed comedy burlesque show. Bummer.


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If You’re Happy And You Know It ….

Whoopsie, seems like My Pal Scout is a bit of a slutty mutt. Parents are friggin freaky over a singalong toy for snowflakes.

Psst Leapfrog Toys have re-recorded the song.


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Shit, There Goes The Neighborhood!

OMG, Queensland has introduced a new law which means you could now get an on the spot for swearing or pissing in public. The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is hoping the new powers will help stop minor public offences from clogging up the courts. So one more time people,  urinating or swearing  in public will get you an on the spot fine of between $100-$300.  That’s an estimated Government saving of between $18-$30 million a year. Shit!


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Girl Uses the “C” Word Twice on National TV

OK, sweetie, you may be an accomplice to a bashing but don’t use that word of TV, FFS!


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