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It Was All A Big Misunderstanding

Oh dear, a middle aged Swedish couple were kicked off a bus and charged with sexual harrassment  after it was alleged they had committed sex acts in plain view of the passengers. Despite numerous complaints about their hanky panky, the couple , a muscican and real estate agent, claim  “We did not have sex. She stroked me on my tummy just inside my shirt,”

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Where’s the Friggin Blue Grotto?

A Misspelling of Capri finds tourists in industrial townYou have reached your destination. Geez,  did our travel agent lie. The pitfalls of using a GPS is that if you can’t spell you could end up  friggin anywhere, just ask the two Swedes who are now enjoying the delights of the Italian industrial town of Carpi. The middle aged couple thought they had typed in the word Capri, as in the island of, but instead typed Carpi into their hire car’s GPS. So for 640km they drove in the opposite direction only to discover their mistake when the staff at the local tourist office burst out laughing. No Blue Grotto here.

Psst The hint should have been, no friggin sea! Hmm, I wonder if it was the snickering tourist staff that notified the media?


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