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Up A Tree Without A Paddle

Man stuck up tree was a robberA Swedish man stuck up a tall tree rang police asking for help to get down. His story …. he scampered up the trunk to escape from a mugger. The real story …. he had been chased up the tree by police dogs after robbing a house. Yep, the stash was up the tree too.


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Maybe He Had A Legitimate Reason?

A Swedish man has been sentenced to two months jail and fined $143 for pooing on a floor of a sporting goods store. Yeah, I thought you’d want to know!


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25 Years Of Pain Explained

What do we have here?

OMG, a Swedish man has had a 2 inch wooden stick removed from his bowel. Creepy thing is, doctors who removed the object say it was probably accidentally left there after Ove Sohlberg had stomach ulcer surgery 25 years ago. Over the years Sohlberg has been admitted to hospital more than 100 times complaining about the pain but no one had been able to detect the cause.


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You Just Can’t Get Real Pilots These Days

OK, he really isn't a pilot but so far so good!

Just when you thought it was safe to fly, a Swedish man has been arrested in Amsterdam as he was about to fly his 101 passengers to Turkey. Problem? He didn’t have a friggin pilot’s licence. OK, he had flown small planes before but not friggin Boeings. Turkey’s Corendon Airlines said WTF he had been flying with them for 2 years and had no idea he had used false papers. Hmm, well he seemed to doing a fine job despite not knowing WTF he was doing!


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The Humiliation of Being a Drug Smuggler

Is it worth it?

When you have 3.5 ounces of cocaine in your undies you’ll do anything not to be strip searched. The Swedish man who consented to being stripped searched got a tad nervous when the customs officer saw the unusual large bulge near his “sexual organ”. As he tried to secretly remove the package the customs officer wrestled with him and was eventually bitten on the upper arm. Bad enough you get booked on drug smuggling charges,now you’ll have a friggin “assaulting an official” as well! Dumbass!


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Look Who Will Get Left Holding The Baby



OK, I know some people have too much time on their hands but Ragnar Bengtsson, that’s ridiculous. The 26 year old Stockholm man has been stimulating his breasts with a pump in an attempt to produce milk from his own body. No, I couldn’t make this up! Hmm, yep he is pumping his manboobs at 3 hour intervals everyday in a bid to strike milk.Mr Bengtsson said “If it works and the milk turns out to have a high nutritional value, it could be a real breakthrough,” Breakthrough for what? That’s all men need, their wives nagging to feed the baby! Oh and of course a Swedish TV8 are milking documenting it for all it’s worth! Geez, I hope it doesn’t become the new Stockholm syndrome!

Psst Get a job!


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Excuse Me, What Size Jeans Are They?

Wanna swap?

Wanna swap?

OK people, it isn’t cool to steal someone’s trousers just because a bouncer at a pub dissed you for wearing sweatpants and denied you access. A 26 year old Swedish man accosted some unsuspecting pedestrian and demanded his jeans after he was told he was inadequately dressed for the pub. As the two men stood semi naked on the street a passing police officer thought something was up (or down) and eventually arrested the man after he was reunited with his sweats.

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