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Clean Getaway

OK, here’s the thing Swedish bank robbers, if you’re planning to spend the weekend locked in a vault make sure you take your three bottles of urine with you when you go. That’s a DNAing and a sure fire way of getting your sorry asses put behind bars. The two men snuck into the vault on Friday and emptied 140 safety deposit boxes before waiting until the bank reopened on Monday to sneak back out. Unfortunately they left a calling card, three bottles of pee.


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A Norweigan company is making women wear a special bracelet if they have their period so they can justify their toilet breaks. Welcome to 200BC.

Psst The bracelets are RED!!!!


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Princess And The Pauper

A big shout out to Sweden’s future Crown Princess Victoria, she is about to marry her personal trainer and he’s a friggin commoner. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Hmm, Daniel Westling must be really good at push ups.


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Who Ya Gonna Call When Your Hash is Trash?

How you doing?

OK, here’s the thing pothead, you don’t go into your local police station and bitch about the crappy quality of hashish you bought from a dealer, you just don’t do that! The man from Eslov in Sweden told the police that he was a regular user of hash but the last purchased sent him on a really bad trip. So bad he told them he thought the TV was talking to him and his girlfriend was a dolphin. Whats more, he even brought in a small sample of the wacky hash for them to test. You might want to add this to the epic fail list because it’s illegal to possess marijuana or hash in Sweden.


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The Hazards of Drinking in Sweden

Honey, what's that on your leg?

Honey, what's that on your leg?

OMG, you soon find out who your real buddies are after you down a whole bottle of vodka. A Swedish man, known only as Joel, went out drinking with some mates and woke up the next day to find a six inch penis tattooed on his leg. Hmm, seems the boys got a little plastered at a nightclub so they toddled off to a hamburger joint. There the group joked about a silly mustache tattooed on someone’s finger and Joel proclaimed he too would like a tattoo. Well as luck would have it a tattoo artist was in a booth next to them and offered to grant Joel his wish, with only one condition. He chose what would go on his leg. Needless to say Joel no longer wears shorts!


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