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Do wee really need to know?

Seems that the US Olympian swimmers aren’t bashful about admitting to peeing in the pool and in fact they are proud of it. After Ryan Lochte fessed up to letting it trickle in the Olympic pool while warming up in London , Michael Phelps has also come of  the water closet too.


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Swimmers, Can You Stop Weeing In The Lakes!!!!!

Attention Germans who swim in Hamburg lakes, can you stop peeing in the water, you are killing the fish. Thank you! About 500 fish are now dead thanks to you inconsiderate bastards. Evidently, your piddle is putting heaps of phosphate into the lake which has contributed to the build up of algae that in turn has  killed the fish. So quit it!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Honey, Why Is My Toe Missing?


Feet up loons, there are thousands of flesh eating piranhas on the rampage in Brazil. At least 15 swimmers have experienced their wrath, having being bitten by the vicious little nasties. One poor soul had a piece of his toe chomped off. Officials are warning people to get the hell out of the water if attacked because the blood will attract more of them!!  It’s the first time that the fish have decided to hang at the Daveron beach on the Paraguay river.


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The Long And The Short Of It

What the hell? No diving either!

What the hell? No diving either people!

Good morning Nanny State what you got for us today? Say what? You are no longer allowed to swim the length of the council pool for health and safety reasons. Damn, you’re good. Swimmers at the Dagenham Swimming Pool in Essex have been told they must now swim the width (not the length) of the pool to make it easier for the lifeguards to save them. Yes, swimming the length of the pool would mean the Dagenham council would have to employ an extra lifeguard, so it’s short laps for everyone.Hmm, maybe it would be easier just to drain some water and make the pool ankle deep?


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