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Boot Only Hikers

Gunther had no idea about stingy nettles

Gunther had no idea about stinging nettles

How do you solve a problem like naked Germans? The latest craze rocking the Swiss Alps is hikers roaming naked amongst the flora and fauna (Maria’s problem could be solved!).Hoards of naked Germans have been hightailing to the Swiss peaks to experience nature in a “boot only” way.So bad is the problem that the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden has been dishing out £122 fines to hiking nudists (difficult without pockets!), as the government tries to push through legislation to ban it completely before the hot weather arrives (damn). It is believed this nude nature thingy was spawned on by an internet campaign naming the area as a “naked rambler paradise”. Next thing they knew the hills were alive with naked hikers. Gosh I hope they put on insect repellent or there maybe more than just the sound of inner thigh slapping!

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