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Nowhere To Hide

I hate my life!

I hate my life!

Hold onto your buckets, an Aussie cruise ship arrived in Sydney with 182 passengers suffering from gastro. I’m guessing no lines at the buffet. After a thorough clean the ship will be cruising back off into the sunset, minus a few.

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Marijuana Shocker

Getting busted growing $2 million worth of marijuana, dumbass. Getting caught stealing every ones electricity to grow it….priceless.

electricty stealers

Want source with that?

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OK, We Have The House Surrounded

police 740 armed police armed with assault rifles and an armoured BearCat vehicle surrounded a house in Sydney for three hours in a tense standoff with a man believed to be involved in a shooting. Police, using a megaphone ,tried to coax the man out but after getting no joy they sent in specialist officers from the Tactical Operations Unit to force their way into the house. Problem was the house was empty. Awks. Still no word on who or where the gunman is.


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Chunder Down Under

Passengers on Qantas plane suffer gastroMove over worst nightmare we have a new winner. Imagine being on a 13 hour plane ride from Santiago (Chile) to Sydney with 26 students hurling their guts up violently (and lets not forget the diarrhoea) in the eight toilets, after boarding with friggin gastro. The tour group spewed and pooed the entire trip while horrified passengers watched on. When the flying bucket landed the sick were met by a line of ambulances escorting them to hospital. Pasta or chicken?

Psst Pity the poor cleaners


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Mucus Get Well Card

I took a shot of this billboard while waiting for a train in a Sydney underground station. I’m not sure about you but I don’t think I will be sending a get well, hope your mucus clears up card to anyone, anytime soon. Just saying.

Psst Mucus is a very unattractive word!!!!

Bisolvon Got Mucus billboard


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Sydney Vs Perth

Having spent a week in Sydney it occurred to me why Perth will always be the poor cousin….

Sydney has …….

Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1,149 m ( 3,770 feet )

We got …..

The Narrows Bridge which is 335m (1,099 feet)

Sydney has …

The Sydney Opera House  which cost $102 million to complete in 1973

Perth’s got ….

The friggin Perth Arena which so far has cost $548.7 million and  still isn’t finished!!!

Sydney has ….

The Sydney Tower which dominates the skyline at 309 m (1,014 ft) tall

Perth’s got …

The Bell Tower which stands 82.5 m (271 ft) and can only be seen if standing near the river.

Sydney’s got ….

The colourful Day In Day Out sculpture

We end up with …..

The same friggin sculpture in green, except we paid $1 million dollars for it!!!!!


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Ice Skating On Bondi Beach Anyone?

Last thing I expected to see at Bondi was a friggin ice rink on the beach. Christmas in July!!!!


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The Loon Does A Binky In Sydney

Sorry Wombies but I couldn’t help it. Belgian waffles with melted Guylian chocolate and whipped cream.


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Small Break In Transmission

Just letting you know the Loon will be reporting from Sydney this week.


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You Talking To Me?

Hey, psst, know where I can get me some RatSak?

Feet up Sydneysiders, there is a new rat in town and it ain’t scared of no bait traps, in fact it’s friggin immune to poison. No, I take that back, they are friggin addicted to it!!!! Yep, the super-rodents get a buzz from Ratsak. So sleep with one eye open or those ground-dwelling sewer rats and roof rats may just kick your sorry ass out of  bed.


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