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Is It Though?

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April 30, 2015 · 12:37 am

Freedom of Speech Does Not Include a Vagina T Shirt

OK, here’s the thing 15 year old girl from New York who decided to wear a “I Enjoy Vagina” tee to school. You might have the right to free speech but you will still have to go home and change. Oh and don’t give me the “It’s hypocritical” speech. OMG,seriously, is that your mother coming to defend you? Sheez, just go home and friggin change already!!!

Psst Well, I guess we should be grateful it wasn’t a teacher wearing it!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Neo Nazi Thug Should Have Read The T-Shirt


OK, here’s the thing neo-Nazi skinhead with racist tatts all over your body, don’t be trying to pick a fight with an African American wearing a t-shirt with “Spokane Boxing Club champion.” clearly printed on it, you’ll be friggin sorry. Daren C. Abbey, a white supremist skinhead confronted Marlon Baker at a bar in Idaho. Mr Baker, who didn’t want no trouble, walked away but of course Mr Abbey was cruisin’ for a bruisin’and began taunting him with racial slurs. That’s when kapow, Baker punched the fool in the facing knocking him out cold. When he regained consciousness Abbey was handcuffed, arrested and charged. Embarrassed much?

Psst Seems despite Mr Baker’s t-shirt, he has never boxed professionally.


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Too Easy

There are two things wrong with this story a) why the hell would anyone have a picture of themselves on a t-shirt and b) who would leave it at the scene of a crime? Hmm, ask the dude from North Carolina, who allegedly, as he fled the scene of a break-in, accidentally dropped a tee, with his face on it, from his getaway car. Seriously mister, you suck at this.


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We Don’t Have Exposed Genitals In This Court!

OK, here’s the thing Stephen Coffey (20), if you wear a t-shirt to court with a cartoon character  exposing himself, damn straight you’ll get sent home to change! Sheriff Andrew Berry was not impressed when he noticed Mr Coffey’s tee which read “Why I don’t wear shorts” and included a picture of an old man flashing his genitals. Sheez, friggin Y gens!

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What Makes The Friggin Loon Giggle

Today I saw this really fat little woman wearing a t-shirt that said ” I am short for my size”.


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