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Jesus On A Bacon and Egg Taco

The month wouldn’t be complete without Jesus appearing somewhere in the world. Introducing Jesus on a bacon and egg taco.  80 year old Texas man, Ernesto Garza, who discovered the holy meal nearly didn’t.  He was enjoying the taco so much he nearly ate him. But as luck would have it, Ernesto saw Jesus at the last minute and now he has him frozen in the freezer while he works out how he is going to frame the holy taco and put it on his wall.

Psst Looks more like the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz.





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Tacos Lead To Murder

Make fun of my cooking!

OK people, you are fighting over tacos, so you pour soda over your hubby’s one , run upstairs then come back down to find him doing the dishes… so what do you do? Well if you are Emma Jaime you grab a big old knife and stab him in the heart. Yep, that’s a murder charge right there.


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