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Tadpole Smuggler

Woman caught smuggling tadpole onto planeA woman in China was caught attempting to smuggle tadpoles onto a plane by …wait for it… hiding them in her mouth. Airport security at one of the checkpoints had asked her to drink or discard a bottle of liquid she was carrying. They became suspicious when she poured the liquid into her mouth but refused to swallow it.  She told officials they were given to her as a present. OMG, I don’t know what’s worse, taddies swimming around your chops or someone giving them to you as a gift?


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The House Of Malaria

Last night I went to a friend’s house and their little girl was so excited to show me the tadpoles she had caught that day. So I went into their laundry and looked down into her little aquarium, only to see these things staring back at me.


They ain’t no tadpoles little girl, they are friggin mosquito larvae. Everybody scream.

Psst They should have reached the Indian Ocean by now!


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You Wont Find This in Your Manga Comic!

Tadpoles rain down on JapanResidents in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture have had an unusual downpour of rain… no silly…tadpoles!  Clouds full of tadpoles have appeared over several cities before opening up and sending them pelting down on horrified locals. Ewh, one man found 100’s of dead tadpoles covering the windshields of cars. Rub on rub off! Even scientists are baffled by this strange phenomena, though I suspect it was caused by storms and water sprouts sucking the creatures from their safe little habitats and then spitting them back down to earth. Hmm, well I guess they should be grateful it wasn’t whales!

Psst Can’t they use them for sushi?

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