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Honey, Why Are You Glowing?

Hmm, might want to avoid the tap water in Japan now that it’s tainted with radiation. The water near the Fukushima plant has been tested and it was found to contain iodine and cesium but not to worry, the government says the levels are too small to pose any immediate health risk. Oh, well that’s OK then!


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So That’s What’s On The Bottom Of My Rice Cooker

Forget about China’s contaminated milk, it now seems their friggin rice is full of harmful heavy metals. Yay industrialization! It is feared over 10% of all rice grown in China contains nasty metals like cadmium, arsenic and mercury. The reason rice is so susceptible is that polluted irrigation water from nearby mines absorbs is easily into the plant. Ah never mind, they’ll probably export it all anyways!

Psst Shame it doesn’t include lead I think I need a few fillings!


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Friggin Cheerleaders

Give us a pee

OMG, never get on the wrong side of a cheerleader. Two girls from Fort Worth’s Saginaw High School have been suspended after it was discovered they had given teammates urine spiked sodas. The contaminated drinks were given to members of the squad during a basketball game. Several other fellow cheerleaders were given lesser punishment for the role they played in Peegate.

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Holy Tainted Water

Don't know, something about holy shit water!

OK, here’s the thing Russian Orthodox people, when sipping holy water from wells near your local church make sure the source isn’t from a stagnant lake. Around 117 people were hospitalized during Epiphany celebrations in Irkutsk after their intestines nearly exploded from drinking water from the local wells. Many Russians believe water that is drunk on Epiphany is holy. Hmm, some may have differing views on that now.

Psst Oh and for the record, evidently tap water is pretty much undrinkable in parts of Russia too.


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