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Latest Fashion Trend

Say it ain’t so. The latest Taiwanese trend, which no doubt will go global, is to take a selfie wearing nothing but a shopping bag. The more see through the better.



Psst There isn’t a shopping bag big enough for this loon to attempt….just saying


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Inflatable Duck Explodes

Oh no, the 60ft inflatable duck that has been part of a travelling art installation has popped in Taiwan. The big yellow ducky by artist Florentijn Hofman had been doing the rounds of several Asian ports before coming to a deflating end just before New Year. There have been several theories on why the duck burst but the best would have to be it was popped by the talons of a confused eagle … and/or  the unseasonal sunshine messed with its internal pressure. Kaboom!


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Brother Is Now In A Pickle

Brother pickles sister's head and leaves in in public toiletWhat would make Taiwanese police suspect a man killed his sister, pickled her head and left it in a public toilet? Here’s a hint… he took out at least four life insurance policies for her which gave him uber money in the event of her death. Oh, plus he was caught on security footage carrying a suspicious parcel into the toilet. Wait, there’s more, he handwrote a note telling police the location of the head.  Bravo Sherlock.

Want sauce with that?


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Now I Got Bacteria On My Butt!!!!

Stephen Shen, Taiwan’s environmental minister, wants men to friggin sit down when they go for a leak in public toilets. Seriously, you guys couldn’t hit the hole if you tried!!! Anywho, he has suggested that men sit on the toilet seat rather than stand so the next bloke doesn’t have to shoot around the mess .  One person on a Taiwanese forum posted “I’d love to see Stephen Shen and (President) Ma Ying-jeou demonstrate on TV how to sit down to pee,” Hmm, next there will be calls to put the friggin lid down.

Psst I bet it was his wife’s idea.


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Polly Wants To Pull The Piss

So who's a clueless big-mouthed idiot then?

You know what I hate? When your friggin neighbors teach their bird to say “Clueless big-mouthed idiot” after you complain to police about them being too loud.I really friggin hate that! Wang Han-chin, from Taiwan, claimed in his lawsuit that he was so peeved when the mynah (a bird) began cursing him with insulting words every time he left his home  it made him lose concentration at work, resulting in him suffering burns.Unfortunately for Mr Han-chin, not even his legal team could find sufficient evidence and quietly slunk off to withdraw the charges. Hmm Han-chin, might want to considered buying a cat!

Psst Thanks to FF and the letter G for the story.


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Susan Boyle’s Got Competition

Move over Susan Boyle there is a new creepy person boy on the block care of Taiwan’s “Super Star Avenue”. Despite the rice bowl hair cut the kid can sing. Check out Lin Yu Chun…

Psst Imagine if Subo and Chun did a duet? Video clip from hell!


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Bees Use Taiwan as a Toilet!

Take that sucker!

OK, people living in southern Taiwan don’t panic, the yellow flakey stuff found on your cars and clothing wasn’t urine being dumped  from airplanes. Hell no, that would be gross, it’s friggin bee shit. Yep, those little flower pollinators have been dropping their shit all over Taiwan. Oh yeah…and it’s a bitch to clean off!


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Whatever You Do Don’t Smoke!

Someone got a light?

Oh for goodness sakes people, PETA are going to have a fit! Po the pit viper from Taiwan has a two cigarette a day smoking habit thanks to his owner Sho Lau.  Yes, you heard right, a friggin smoking habit. The three year old snake picked up the habit after Lau, a 20 a day smoker, began throwing his butts near the curious reptile. Before long the viper was puffing away too. Po has one in the morning and one at night. Oh and don’t be trying to short change the beast, he gets rightly agitated if he doesn’t get his daily nicotine hit.


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This Little Piggy

A miniature musk hog caused a little headache for Taiwanese police as it was trying to go wee ,wee, wee all the way home. The highway came to a virtual standstill as a man with a net tried to catch the elusive beast. I suspect it is probably bacon by now….


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Good Luck Complaining About Your Food!

OK, I am not really into theme restaurants but this one is worth a pit stop. How bad could a toilet theme restaurant be? Hmm, the Merton Restaurant, Taiwan, see for yourself. Bon appetite!


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