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Sorry No Can Do!



Awkward. Before Steve Valdez  could cash a check written out to him by his wife, the Bank of America required a thumbprint. That would have been OK if he had any hands! Born with no arms, Mr Valdez was unable to comply with bank policy, despite producing a driver’s license and two forms of ID (with photos). Hmm, seems if you don’t have an account (or hands) you can’t cash a check. But to be fair the bank manager gave Mr Valdez two options, either drag his wife down to the Tampa branch or open up an account! Obviously Bank of America have never heard of the American with Disabilities Act. Have a nice day!

Psst I wonder if a toe print would have sufficed?


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Heading to Tampa By Any Chance?

Man rings 911 for a lift to TampaWinner of the false 911 call this week goes to Monte Hinton. Stand up and take a bow. Monte was planning to go to Tampa so he decided to call a cab but instead he rang 911 and got his sorry ass driven to jail. Word of advise, never hang up when the dispatcher answers.

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