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Tampon Assault

Ewh, ewh, ewh a Queensland barmaid narrowly escaped jail after she assaulted a McDonald’s drive thru teller with a wet tampon . Rebecca Leigh Crimmins pleaded guilty to the charge after, in a drunken prank, she dabbed the wet tampon on a Maccas worker’s hand and then threw it at him when he rushed off to wash himself. The flying tampon missed his back and splattered on the fridge inside the store. Ms Crimmins claimed the tampon was dipped in lime cordial and had not come from you know where????  The judge, who was “dubious” about the lime cordial story, told Cummins she would have gone straight to jail had it been proven the tampon was used.   She’s friggin Mclucky!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Wikileaks Inspired Sanitary Pad Ad

It was bound to happen, a tampon company in Pakistan have made a WikiLeaks inspired sanitary pad ad. It goes something like this “WikiLeaks ….Butterfly doesn’t”.


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This Should Put You Off Eating Breakfast!

What cereal did you say?

Ewh, it must be that time of the month again because a Georgia man claims he found a used (yes, used) tampon in his box of Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal. Thomas and Lynn Roddenberry  bought the cereal from Save-a-Lot but said the  next day, when Thomas poured some into a bowl and added milk there it was, a used tampon floating in his breakie. He did the old WTF, spat the offending Chocolate Chip Crunch cereal out and then went straight to a hospital emergency.That’s a lawsuit right there, period!


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Very Unsportsman Like Behavior!

Touchdown and she scores!

Touchdown and she scores!

What the hell were you thinking lady? According to police, Venus Lewis (41) began chasing two under 16 year old league football players around the E.D. Croskey Recreation Center yelling she would have sex with them as soon as she caught them (fat chance of that). After that epic failure she went over to some picnic tables, pulled down her pants and inserted a tampon. Come on, I couldn’t make this up. But wait, there’s more. Following that little episode she began masturbating on one of the tables before grabbing a boy’s crotch. This arrest will make it number 10 for Ms Lewis. Please god tell me she  doesn’t have kids!


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