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Toilet Lid Killer’s Appeal Flushed!

You know what’s worse than being convicted of a gang related murder? Being forever labeled the “toilet lid killer”. Seriously, that sucks. Tyler Lee Nolet, who was given a life sentence for the murdering  Kenny Wong by smashing a toilet tank lid over his noggin, was trying to appeal his second degree murder sentence but it was denied. Shit ah!

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Oh for the love of … Colorado police are looking for some dude who hid inside the tank of a portable toilet at a yoga festival. Ewh. The man was spotted by a woman who lifted the lid and noticed something moving in the tank. A security man was called and waited until a topless , barefoot  man emerged covered in feces. I’m gathering no one wanted to touch the guy because he took off before police arrived.

Want toilet paper with that?


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Not Enough Gas In The Tank Boys

OK, here’s the thing dudes, when siphoning gas from an underground tank make sure there is enough fresh air so you don’t pass out from the fumes. Introducing Robert Jeter, Jarad Desanti and George Brabakos  the three bright sparks who attempted to steal gasoline from a Circle K’s underground tank in Phoenix. You gotta give the men points for trying, they rebuilt their van like a friggin tanker, complete with false floor, pumping equipment and a 450 gallon tank , then parked over the top of the tank and popped the hood up to give the impression they had broken down. Unfortunately/ fortunately the tank they were stealing from was rigged with alarms and it wasn’t long before the police were called to investigate. There they found Jeter passed out inside the van and the other two clowns standing outside. I guess we should be grateful nobody smoked…kaboom!


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