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Chocolate Loving Monkey Zapped

monkeyFrench police were forced to taser a chocolate obsessed monkey that had been harassing residents from the Castellanne area for weeks. Living on a diet of Kinder chocolate fed to him by school kids, the hyperactive monkey had been avoiding capture until zap…. Authorities believe the monkey was a pet that had been abandoned.


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Naked Man On Tarmac Anyone?

Some dude stripped naked  on the tarmac at Manchester Airport after peeing on the terminal building. Not only did he have to face the humiliation of showing off his jangly bits but he got his face slapped by his furious girlfriend before being tasered by the police. Otherwise it was a great hol.


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Sorry, We Thought It Was A Samurai Sword

I’m so sorry sir, but I thought the white cane you were holding was a sword, if I knew you were just blind I would never have tasered you. Awkward. Police in England have apologized to a blind man who they tasered after they received reports of someone walking around Chorley with a samurai sword. The poor man, who never saw it coming, thought he was being mugged by thugs.

Psst The real samurai carrying dude was later arrested


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Crack Cocaine Fail

If you are hiding 23 pieces of crack cocaine in your mouth it is probably not wise  to mumble anything to police or you might find yourself tasered and all your drugs spat out on the ground.

Want sauce with that?


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They Should Make The Doors Wider

You know what I hate? When you attempt to rob a store of electronic goods and your damn friggin motorized buggy gets stuck in the door. I really friggin hate that. Jerrie Perkins, a 400lb Michigan woman, set off the door alarm as she allegedly tried to make a run roll for it and  was then confronted by an employee. During the ensuing verbal, police were called and she ended up getting tasered for her troubles.

Want sauce with that?


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I’m King of The World

OK, when Leo Decaprio shouted “I’m King of The World” on the bow of the Titanic it was kinda cool , when Richard Gervasi did it running naked through traffic, not so much! When Florida police arrived, following reports a man was running naked in traffic, they found Mr Gervasi fighting with two men in a parking lot. He allegedly turned and ran towards an officer who tasered him after he ignored his order  to stop. Three tasers later he was handcuffed but continued to yell “I’m king of the world,”. Now kiddies, this is why you should never take LSD or leave your drinks unattended.


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Taser Fail

Getting tasered is bad enough, crying  like a sissy is priceless …..


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I’m sorry but a taser, pepper spray and a baton ain’t gonna calm a man who has a mouse up his butt, I’m just saying. A naked Noah Smith broke into a house in Seneca and began going ballistic. When police arrived he  tried to bite, slap and kick them, so they zapped, sprayed and whacked him. Later at the hospital x-rays revealed he had a mouse lodged in his rectum. Smith told the docs he didn’t have a clue how the rodent got there. Hmm, the Gere excuse.


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Naked Jogger Fail

but without clothes...

Jogging naked except for goggles…that’s a tasering. When the drunk Melbourne man failed to stop the cops brought out their stun guns and zapped his sorry naked ass! Stopped him!

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Not A Good Day

You know what I hate? When you decide to end it all by jumping off the Interstate 74 bridge, survive and then get tasered for refusing to get into the rescue boat. I really friggin hate that! Now he’s in hospital for god knows what injuries!


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