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Storm In A Wombat’s drain

I suspect this maybe one of the Wombie’s long lost cousins. Some random wombat has been found squatting in a stormwater drain in Launceston, Tasmania. Hmm, I’m guessing the lazy marsupial couldn’t be bothered digging a hole for winter or may be… it has Winky’s problem? Either way, this wombat has been given an eviction notice.


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Loon vs Semi at Gibbet Hill

OMG, the loon nearly ended up hanging from a tree at Gibbet Hill, near Perth in Tassie after a local attacked me with his big red and shiny white semi trailer rig because I dared take a photo at a historical site. The site which is where they use to hang convicts is on a road with several residential houses. Seems some locals on that road have anger management issues!I suggest to enter with extreme caution or you too maybe living a scene out of Duel. Yes, of course I took photos of the friggin nightmare. Sheez Tassie!

Update : Evidently the road IS private but
the local council refuse to put up a sign because they say it is up to the owners. Meanwhile tourists are being told it is one of Perth’s historical sites of significance and is featured heavily on the wiki and National Trust sites with map.Hmm, so it’s all right to intimidate tourists with their semis then?

From iPhone


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Three Tassie Hunters Arrested in Idaho

Three men from Blackwood Creek in Tasmania have been arrested in Idaho for allegedly illegally hunting elk. In an ironic twist of fate they all live near where I am currently trapped. It’s the talk of the town. The trio had been under Investigation for poaching during several hunting seasons. Bail is set at $40,000 and the could face five years behind bars!


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Trapped in Tassie

Tried to fly out of Tassie this morning and I would have succeeded if it were not for the enormous tree branch that had blocked the road.Seriously, this place is wild!

Update Rescheduled my flight loons and guess what? Rolled up at airport only to find flight canceled!! I can’t get off this friggin island!


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Friggin Loon Currently Up a Tree

Just letting you know that Internet in Tassie sucks and I am currently using my IPad up a tree. Yesterday I went to Albert Park and guess what loons? I not only discovered they have monkeys in the park but the monkeys carry the herpes virus. Step away from the monkeys!!!!!


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Open 6 Until Late

So who knew that in Tassie when a pub says meals from 6pm until late, it really means from 6 until 8pm. Needless to say the loon went to bed on a empty stomach! Thanks Longford!!


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Attention Loons

Just a small break in transmission to let you know I will be reporting from Tasmania  next week. Yes, I know, twice in a year. Hopefully the Apple Isle will have installed broadband by now so I won’t have to climb a tree.


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Greetings From A Roof

Apparently the only way to get a decent internet connection in Tassie is to climb on the roof, which is OK, if my ass didn’t stick to the roof tiles. Yes, I am wearing pants!!!! Anywho, apologizes for lack of posts will be back to normal in a few days.


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Loon Has Landed

Yep, the Loon is in Tassie having survived a friggin propeller plane journey across the Straits. I swear we were passed by a flock of seagulls and a slow moving albatross. Anywho, I am now in the Coachman’s Cottage freezing my friggin tootsie’s off. Dear god, no TV!!!! Help!!!!


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Attention Loons

We break in normal transmission to announce the Friggin Loon will be broadcasting from Tasmania for the next few days.

Psst Does anyone know if they have internet connection?


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