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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

A California woman who killed a man in a hit and run tried to dodge arrest by a) wearing coloured contact lenses b) dying her hair pink c) getting a temporary dragon face tattoo or d) all of the mentioned. If you picked d)  take a bow. Naw bless, she didn’t count on an anonymous tip to her whereabouts. Hmm, she might want to do some defriending, just saying.

PSST I hope the tattoo comes off easily.

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Tattoo Fail

dunceDidn’t mean to laugh but a silly billy prisoner who decided to carve a tattoo of 666 on his forehead forgot he was doing it in a mirror so of course the numbers are backward. His forehead now features three upside down 9s. Awks.


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When Fans Go Wild

Just saying

Just saying

OMG, a Manchester United football fan has taken his loyalty a little too far. The 50 year old dude has had the MAN U badge tattooed on his forehead. He says ‘People don’t look at me in a funny way, they look at me in admiration.’ Hmm, I might beg to differ. Oh but wait, there’s more. He has also changed his name from Zdravkov Levidzhov to Manchester United. Mr United lives with his mother and David Beckham the cat in a small flat in Bulgaria.

I know you want to see it … click here.


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From Russia With Love

Woman has boyfriends name tattooed on faceWhat do you do when you meet the man of your dreams and fall instantly in love? Well, if you are Lesya Toumaniantz from Russia, you have his name “Ruslan” tattooed across your face in five-inch high gothic script, that’s what. Oh for crying out loud, they had met for less than 24 hours when she decided to have a symbol of eternal devotion inked on her face. The man of her dreams happens to be the same guy who tattooed a  galaxy of stars across a young Belgian girl’s face a few years back. Sheez, I sure hope the romance lasts because that’s gonna be friggin intimidating for the next guy she meets. Just saying.



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Why Ohio, Why?

Who said Ohio wasn’t full of jeniuses


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Only In Ohio

Sorry Bearman, I had no choice, I now have  a new category, Friggin Ohio!!!! Oh and that’s $5 bucks for mentioning your name!!!!!


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Sweet 16

Mom, do I really have to wear sweaters for the rest of my life?

Three good reasons why a 16 year old should stay away from alcohol

a) A 22 year old man might tattoo your arms and ribcage without permission

B) A 22 year old man might misspell a word he’s illegally tattooed on you

c)  You might not like Juggallo (suppose to be Juggalos), SRH (Support Radical Habits) and CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) permanently etched on your body.

On the bright side the 22 year old has been charged with illegal tattooing, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (the tattoo needle) and providing alcohol to a person under 21.


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Stink Ink

My, that is large!

Oh my, a warning to anyone who allows “artist discretion” when getting a tattoo. Make sure he doesn’t tattoo a big pile of steaming dog poo on your back with flies buzzing around it. I’m just saying! Poor Rossie Brovent from Ohio asked her then tattoo artist boyfriend to tattoo a scene from the Narnia trilogy on her back, unaware that he had discovered she had cheated on him with his best friend. Hmm, now she has a big pile of excrement for her troubles. She is now suing him.

Psst Wasn’t that a scene from Narnia? Hmm, maybe not!


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Granny Gets a Do Not Resuscitate Tattoo

British granny Joy Tomkins (81) is so friggin adamant she doesn’t want to be brought back to life if she gets in a medical emergency she has had the words “Do Not Resuscitate” tattooed on her chest. Oh and if she rocks up face down, she has had another tattoo put on her should which reads “PTO” (please turn over). Can’t be too careful. Ooh and the best part it only cost her 5 pounds for the tatt.

Psst Despite all of Joy’s pre-planning , medical officials say the tattoo isn’t legally binding.


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