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Mayor of Awesome

So you are a mayor in Sweden and you have $91,584 of taxpayers money to spend, what do you do? Well, you get an artist to paint a mural of you dressed as a Roman legionary that’s what! Now, now, to be fair  mayor Lars Ahlkvist also included  a local financier and his partner in the painting. The financier was depicted as Sweden’s King Karl XI and his squeeze a noble lady. Now, that is an awesome waste of taxpayers money. If I had a bucket load of taxpayers money to waste spend on public art I think I would create an enormous bronze pigeon with a public toilet on top so we could all poop on it!!!


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The Met Office Fail

British taxpayers must be singing in the rain knowing that they have forked out £41million (so far) on a super computer that supposedly can deliver accurate forecasts way, way, way into the future. The Met Office have been boasting that the computer will enable them ” to deliver more accurate forecasts, from hours to a century ahead”. Hmm, that’s in spite of the fact after two days in use it failed, claiming London would be basking in sunshine when in fact rain clouds hovered over the city most of the day. The money would have been better spent buying a friggin window for the Met Office!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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First Coalition Casualty

Sheez, I only pulled the piss on him once and he’s resigned. David Laws didn’t even last a month as the Chief secretary to the Treasury before resigning over the gay love debacle. Hmm, it seems you should never funnel taxpayers money on secret gay lovers. Sheez , who knew? Anywho, his excuse was that he concealed the arrangement because he didn’t want to come out of the closet . Oh dear, secret’s out now. Evidently he paid rent to his “long term” partner James Lundie, who’s house he shared, which is a Common rules no no. Once the press got hold of this, he had no real choice but to resign.It’s a shame, sex and politics just never mix!


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Yorkshire Ripper Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Living next door to Peter!

Guess who’s getting out of Broadmoor? Remember Peter Suttcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper) and his bid for freedom? Well it seems like it is getting closer to reality and British taxpayers are funding it. Nanny state, nanny state. For those who have no idea who I am talking about he’s the psychotic bastard who murdered 13 women in a 5 year reign of terror. During his trial he was handed down 20 life sentences. Hmm, a serial killer gets freedom, brilliant! Using legal aid funding, he has hired a team of barristers who will fight  a high court battle to get him out of Broadmoor hospital into a less secure prison (where he can then apply for parole).Whats more, his doctors say he is cured and is at low risk of re-offending. Hello, he’s in prison for punishment not for a friggin cure. Cure him all you want, he is a friggin murderer and should stay behind bars for the term of his natural life. Just wait and see, he’ll probably be put into a witness protection program sent to Australia or New Zealand where women will start mysteriously vanishing. Hmm, maybe he should be plonked next door to the doctors who are absolutely convinced he won’t re-offend. Sweet dreams.


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