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Blahahahahaha, Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been running two blogs since March this year. So far she has managed to get one comment and 5 likes. In return, taxpayers are forking out  $53,000 for the cost of running the damn things. The Government describes the blogs as an “online conversation”.


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Say Can You Hear

Hey, did anyone go to the Super Bowl and see those 4 Navy F-18’s do a flyby? Hmm, no? Oh yeah, that was because the retractable roof was closed. Ingenious way to waste spend $450,000 of taxpayers money don’t ya think? Well here’s hoping that  the 1,250 fans who didn’t get seats because the fire marshal declared a section of the arena unsafe got to see the special treat?


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All Aboard The Nanny State Express

Oh my, isn’t the British criminal system heading for disaster. Tory minister Crispin Blunt has announced taxpayers should fund comedy workshops and party nights for prisoners and will overturn the ban on public funded fun times for inmates. Ooh and that isn’t the worst of it, he also plans to scrap harsh “indefinite” sentences for Britain’s worst crims which include rapists, pedophiles and murderers.He believes too many of these sentences were handed out under Labour, which ensured the worst criminals were kept behind bars for life (or until they were no longer a threat to the public).

Psst For some useless information Crispin is actress Emily Blunt’s uncle.


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Heroin Guide For Dummies

If he had only read the pamphlet!

Oh bless, New York City have funded a little guidebook for all their heroin users. Don’t you worry now, it offers them a step by step guide on how to properly prepare the heroin and  on how to look after their veins so as to avoid infections. The 16 page pamphlet has raised eyebrows among officials who are saying it’s “very disturbing”. The booklet has some useful handy hints on how to warm up your body so you can find your veins easier and only ever “boot” one or twice in one shot.

Psst Will heroin addicts read this or will it be people who want to experiment?


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Stick It Up!

Oh dear god, say it ain’t so. A jailed rapist who is having problems getting it up is receiving penile erection treatment compliments of the Aussie taxpayers. Known as a serious sex offender, John Powch is currently serving 9 years for sexual assault. Prison officers escorted him to hospital where he had an “on table erection test”. Hmm, do they have “on table castration test” by any chance? In some countries when a rapist gets an erection malfunction they call it karma!

Psst Oh and I forgot to mention that in the 70’s Powch and Ivan Milat (serial killer) were buddies that robbed banks together.


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Enough To Give You The Shits

Oh for goodness sakes people, a friggin toilet paper injury! Mary Lait has successfully won a claim for $14,022 over back injuries she sustained, not once but twice (1997 & 1998), from picking up a piece of toilet paper. Congrats to every taxpayer living in Cook County, it’s your shout!

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See Ya, Don’t Want To Be Ya



Patricia Carol Toia (31) was told to get her sorry ass out of the colony and go back from whence she came…New Zealand… after wreaking havoc down under. The one woman crime wave arrived in Australia at the age of one and at that stage everything was looking dandy, but things took a turn for the worst somewhere along the line and she became a drug addicted thug. Her criminal record reads like a novel, with 30 separate jail terms plus an additional 56 offences whilst in jail including assault, intimidation and damaging and destroying property.She has also been banned from driving until 2060 (which is no biggie considering she never had a licence). Fortunately for Australia, not so Ms Toia, she never become an Australian citizen making it a relatively simple process to deport her back to the land of the the long white cloud (despite her appeals). The only downside to her deportation being for the taxpayers who had to foot the $30,000 something bill for a charter plane after commercial airlines flatly refused to have her as a passenger. But considering the ongoing costs of housing her in Aussie jails it’s a small price to pay I guess!

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