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Panda Poo Tea Anyone?

I feel so used!!!

Guess what loons? For 200 bucks you can sip a nice steaming cup of Panda Poo tea. Evidently the cuddly little beasts only absorb about 30% of the nutrients from the food they eat, so that leaves the remaining 70% to exit their body via their rear end in the form of poop. Hmm, so it seems only natural that someone would turn it into  tea and sell it for a shitload .


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I Don’t Like Munday

Forget teacher’s pet, a 6th grader has admitted to poisoning his teacher using chemicals from a science kit. Joan Munday became violently ill after downing potentially lethal sodium carbonate in her spiked tea. When the Plumb Creek Elementary School teacher failed to show the next day, students told staff of the plot. The 12 year old has been charged with assault and is currently being held in juvy.

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