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When I Was A Kid…

OK, who f...king threw that?

OK, who f...king threw that?

Oh dear, a Year 5 Primary School teacher has managed to keep his job despite the fact he likes to swear at the little shits and let them run around the classroom wielding baseball bats. The Victorian teaching watchdog of Melbourne has found RJS (as he is known) guilty of incomptetence for failing to adequately supervise students, maintain a safe environment or adequately protect students from harm. Wanna know what he did? Hmm, firstly it has been alleged he told an 11 year old “Don’t f@#*ing swear at me” and then told another class “You are a pack of arseholes”. He also allowed his students to chase each other around the class with a baseball bat, let them have wrestling fights in class, refused to stop playground fighting  and allowed the students to wander off willy, nilly.Wanna know the outcome? “The panel determined that the teacher was guilty of incompetence, but remained fit to teach,”.AHAHAHAHA I wonder what you have to do to get friggin sacked as a teacher in Australia?

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