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You’re a Dick

Oh dear, a teacher is in all sorts of WTF after she drew a penis on a kid’s work because she thought he wasn’t trying hard enough. Awks.

PSST Of course there are calls for her to resign. She could have put more effort in too…just saying.



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Teacher in Da Hood

dunceYou know you suck at being a teacher when you order a hit on a seventh grader. The female teacher gathered a pose of 6 kids from 8th grade to attack the boy after he made a comment she didn’t like. The gang picked him up by the neck and forcibily made him apologise to her. Needless to say she’s got the flick and the parents are thinking about a civil suit.

Psst Florida.


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Bad Apple

devil-2A Welsh teacher called police after she heard there was a plot by her students not to smile for their school photo. Hmm, and that was just one of numerous complaints the General Teaching Council for Wales received about her.

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Another Dick In The Hall

naked-manUgh, a 72 year old substitute teacher got sprung (allegedly) spanking the monkey in the school hallway.That is an arresting right there. The teacher was caught by another teacher who saw him on the ground and thought he was hurt . Unfortunately, she realised a little too late that he wasn’t, he simply had his hand down his pants. Well, that can’t be unseen! CCTV footage revealed he’d been perving on students prior to his little indiscretion.


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Are We There Yet?

OMG. How many nursery kids can you cram into a Renault Clio? Hmm, well if you are a teacher from South Africa the answer is 19. That’s ten in the back seat, three in the front and six in the trunk. The silly woman was taking her class on an excursion to a burger bar when witnesses dobbed her into police. She told them this was her first time on an outing with the snowflakes.

Wanna see what 19 kids in a car looks like?  Click here.


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Now That’s a Sickie

OK, here’s the thing Scottish music teacher trying to get a few days off work, lying to the school about driving over a kid in your car and killing her is highly dumbass. The teacher,who had been previously successful getting days off with his little white lies, got a little too inventive on this one and now has been given a 12-month reprimand on the teaching register.


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So Who’s The Bully Now?

A Texas teacher is  in big doodah after she ordered a group of school kids to line up and take turns in whacking an alleged school bully. It’s is believed up to 24 kids were told by the teacher to hit 6 year old Aiden and later to “hit him harder” in order to teach him a lesson. Another teacher who had suggested the idea is also in trouble. Oh well, another one who won’t like Mondays!!!

Want sauce with that?


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