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Just Tear Gas The Rivals

One should never take a Houston Rodeo BBQ seriously or they might find themselves at the end of the unemployment line. Just ask Mike Hamby , he’s lost his job as a cop for allegedly throwing a “powerful chemical irritant” into the tent of cook off rivals, some of which were amputees in wheelchairs. Well at least now he’s got time to master his cooking!


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Good Grief!

OK, here’s the thing, crazy with grief policeman from western Nigeria, teargassing a children’s ward because your daughter died, is wrong. Three toddlers are now in critical condition thanks to your sporadic bad temper, sorrow and basic assholiness!


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Town Gets Pepper Sprayed

Honey, I hope that isn't your cooking!

Honey, I hope that isn't your cooking!

OK, here’s the thing police people, when you decide to have a pepper spray exercise on top of a mountain overlooking a town I’d be checking the wind direction if I were you. Several people from Mount Carmel township rang 911 in a state of panic after suddenly being overcome with what they thought was tear gas.  Most suffered from burning sensations and itchy eyes. It turns out the culprits were the Mount Carmel Borough Police Department who were letting off chemical munitions on top of the mountain not realizing there had been a sudden wind change. Lucky they weren’t practicing with napalm!


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