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Thief Rings Apple Support

And the dumbass of the week award goes to the thief who rang Apple’s technical support for assistance with unlocking a stolen laptop. Seriously dude, good luck with that. Seems Apple sent a thank you follow up email to the real owner who notified them it was stolen. That’s when Apple support donned on their deerstalkers and tracked down the thief and the Apple Air.


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F#@#ing Bigpond

To say I am friggin furious is an understatement. Again my friggin internet provider Big Small Pond has failed. It has been now over 16 hours and I still have no internet connection, I have been put on hold for hours and they have no friggin idea what the left hand is doing. When I finally got through to friggin billing instead of technical support the woman said I was not the only one pissed, she had also been put on hold for 45 minutes trying to get through to another department. So I apologize for my lack of posts today as I have had to borrow a wireless device.


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