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Swedish Police In Search of Teddy Bear

Oh bless, why can’t more police be like Sweden’s? When an off duty Stockholm cop came across a Facebook post about a desperate mother’s plea to find her daughter’s missing Teddy bear he uploaded it onto the official police Facebook page. He asked that if anyone came across the Teddy to leave it at the nearest police station “so Tyra can see her friend again!” Despite the policeman’s good intentions some people have complained that it’s a waste of police resources. Hmm, they wouldn’t be bitching if it was a pedobear!!!!!


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That Ain’t No Picnic

A Cincinnati man was arrested last week for masturbating in public with a teddy bear. This is the 4th time he has been caught engaging in public indecency and disorderly conduct with a teddy . No word on if it was the same teddy in each case. I think we might just leave it at that! Awkward! Hmm, know anything about this Bearman …. Duncan wants to know?

Want sauce with that?


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Don’t Forget To Pack Your Teddy

Grow Up!

Oh for crying out loud, according to a recent survey it seems that 35% of adults in Britain still sleep with their teddy bears. Nearly half are men and one in ten single men will hide their bear from their girlfriends. Oh stop sniggering married men, 14% of you guys hide your teddy from family and friends. The average age of these teddies are 27 years old. Oh and did I happen to mention 25% of males participating in the survey said they took their teddy with them on business trips. Hmm, so the big question on everyone’s lips is …Do you sleep with your  teddy bear, Duncan?


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