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OMG, Yohio the 16 year old Swedish boy who plays an electric guitar, dresses like a doll and can sing in three different languages, has found success in Japan. Seems like Bieber’s got some competition.


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What Would You Give To Have An iPad?

How far would you go to get an iPad and iPhone? Well, a kid in China sold his kidney…beat that! The 17 year old, only known as Wang, did the deal from an online chatroom. Unfortunately there’s no app to stop renal failure. The people involved, including a surgeon, got paid $35,000 while the kidneyless kid got a mere $3,500 for his troubles. His mother suspected something was up when Wang rocked up with the Apple products and was turning friggin yellow! Hmm, should have got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, then mom wouldn’t have suspected a thing.


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Teen Rings 911 After Hearing Mother Having Sex

Of all the bizarre 911 calls…. a 15 year old Florida girl rings 911 in the middle of the night bitching that she can hear her mother having having sex in the bedroom next to hers and demands to be taken to a Christian children’s shelter. When police roll up the teen tells them she felt ‘disrespected’. Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t put a glass to the wall then? OK, I made that bit up!!! The girl was granted her wish but later returned home. Awkward!


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Respect Your Elders

She might be a 66 year old Japanese woman from Nagasaki but she’ll break your nose as good as look at you, if you don’t give up your seat for her on a bus, damn you! Tamiko Masuta beat the living crap out of a teenager with her umbrella and foot when he refused to stand up for her. Hello, the little shit was taking up two seats in an area designated for senior cits. Sheez, the nerve.

Psst This wasn’t the first time she has been accused of beating up rude mannered whippersnappers!


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Manga Meltdown

Sheez, a teenage boy who read a Japanese Manga novel is now at home receiving “extensive therapy”, so says his mom who is pissed with the Crestview Public library for allowing such graphic work. Margaret Barbaree says her son “lost his mind” after removing the book unsupervised from the general library stack, putting  it in his backpack and taking it home (isn’t that theft?).She now wants all Manga removed from the library which she deems pornographic.


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Play Ball

Run onto a field in Philadelphia during a baseball game, expect to get tasered bro! Steve Consalvi (17) learned the hard way that disrupting a game and making a policeman have to run gets you a tasering. The incident happened during a Phillies vs St Louis Cardinals game when Consalvi grabbed a white towel and began running around the outfield. Next thing he knew he was falling face first onto the ground having been zapped in the back.


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Ping Pong Table Slide Fail

Ping Pong Table 1, boy who thinks he can slide 0.


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