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Nobody Is Going To Believe Me!

OMG, an 18 year old South African man has been kidnapped by three sex starved women in Chitungwiza and raped in a cathedral. The lucky unlucky man was on an errand to a shopping centre when he was bundled into a car and taken to Harare’s  Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was there he was locked into a room and one of the woman  forced him to have sex with her. It wasn’t until the following morning that the women bundled him back into their car and dumped him at another shopping centre. Teenager 1, cougars 1.


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The Gods Must Be Crazy!

I hate these stories because you kinda know how it is all going to end. The priests in Sambalpur had a bit of mopping up to do after a 19 year old girl chopped off her tongue in a Shiva temple ! Hmm, seems she wasn’t as delighted in her arranged hubby-to-be as her parents were. So she used a blade to cut out her tongue so she could offer it up to the gods in the hope she would get a better younger one. When the priests found her covered in blood the next morning she refused to go a hospital and in fact refused to leave the temple until her wish was granted.

Psst It is going to be awfully hard to find a man now without a tongue for goodness sakes!


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