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Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

two teens burn down police station to join mate in jailHow do two teens from Manitoba get to visit their mate in a Winnipeg jail for free? Hmm, well setting light to the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police station pretty much guarantees it. The two teens aged 13 and 14 wanted to be flown to Winnipeg to see their buddy who was being held on arson charges. The judge only granted one of the punks their wish,  the youngest didn’t have any priors so was given bail. Hmm, maybe his parents will drive them.


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OK people, if you expect your children to wake you up when the smoke alarm goes off, think again. A new study has revealed that most children and teens are more than likely to sleep through an alarm that sounds for 30 seconds or less. Which basically means while the house is burning down around you , you’ll have to go from room to room waking up the lazy little shits! Still no cure for cancer.


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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Screaming!

Hoop dreams no more

A 12 year old Austrian boy had to be bolt cut from a basketball hoop by firemen after he was dared to  climbing through it at a playground in Vienna and got himself stuck. The week before a 13 year old suffered major burns after he and a mate poured petrol on a playground slide, set it alight and then slid down it in an attempted to put out the flames. It didn’t end well, not only did his pants catch on fire so too his undies. Burning ring of fire!

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So When Can You Start?

OK, here’s the thing dumbass teens, when stealing money from a Indiana Ice Cream Parlor tip jar, make sure you don’t put your names on a friggin job application form first. I’m just saying!

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Friggin Justin Bieber

He's friggin 16!

Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber has disappointed thousands of hysterical teens after police canceled his one and only concert in Australia. Mass hysteria lead to crowd control issues in Sydney as teens surged forward to get as close as they could to their teen idol. Over ten were hurt in the crush and paramedics were having a nightmare keeping up with the injured. In the end police had had enough and called the whole thing off. Eventually the riot squad were called in to deal with the 7,000 now really pissed off fans who had moved to Martin Place where Bieber was singing live in the Channel 7 studios. It is believed some of the teens had traveled from other states and had slept overnight to attend the concert. Bummer.

Psst For all you loons who have no idea who Bieber is, don’t concern yourself too much because as soon as his voice breaks he’ll be a faint memory.


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Mom Would Never Buy Them

Teens steal 20 Fruit Roll UpsOMG, two teenage thieves broke into a house in Athens-Clarke and were later sprung by the owner as they lounged around the house chomping on several Fruit Roll Ups. The teens were quick to  spin the angry woman a tale about knowing the her niece before leaving, but on further investigation the owner discovered they had stolen 20 Fruit Roll Ups. Friggin Y-Generation! Oh yeah they also nicked a jug of fruit juice and some jewelry. Police later found the kids in the neighborhood and returned 9 of the Fruit Roll Ups back to the woman. Thank god for that! Tragedy diverted!

Psst Bad case of the munchies I presume?


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