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How To Terrify Your Grandkids

To be honest I think I would be terrified as well.

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Well That Sucks

You go into hospital to have one itsy bitsy tooth removed and  a year later end up having  all your bottom teeth removed and your jaw reconstructed, that’s a suing right there. Seems like no one realized the Queensland woman had osteomylitis (a nasty bone infection). However, hold your horses,  the hospital in their defence say the woman failed to return for a year despite being in pain.


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Musicians Decomposing

Seriously? A man in Vienna has allegedly broken into the graves of two famous composers, Johann Strauss Jr. and Johannes Brahms, and stolen their teeth . Austrian authorities have no idea why.


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Honey, Why Is Your Skin Crawling?

No need to panic people, but a couple in Victoria had tiny worms, with friggin teeth, chewing through their bodies! The nasty parasites were living in the belly of a black bream they caught and ate while fishing in Western Australia. These particular worms like to chew their way to the brain and spinal cord. Precious!


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My, What Strong Teeth You Have

and they aren't even mine!

A big old shout out to the 92 year old man who spent two hours chewing through masking tape after two bastards bound him to a chair and robbed his house.The elderly man let the two men into his house to use the phone after they told him their car had broken down. That’s when they grabbed him and duct him to a chair.The scum got away with $400 in cash and took off in his Ford pickup. I hope there is a special place reserved in hell for people like that.


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Really Old Teeth Found In A Cave

A team of Israeli archaeologists are just about exploding with delight after discovering what is believed to be 400,000 year old teeth in a cave. Hmm, are they sure it ain’t from some lost Palestinian? Anywho ,if tests prove to be conclusive, and this is the remains of the earliest Homo sapien ever found, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be more Jewish bragging rights!


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