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Epic Telco Fail

Cell phoneAustralian phone company Telstra scared the beegezus out of its mobile phone customers by sending them a text warning on how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy .OMG, no!!! Some people freaked. No one wants to think the phone in their pocket is nuking their ….oh never mind. The text contained a link which sent customers to a World Health Organisation tips page about how to “reduce mobile phone exposure”. Hmm, if I was a suspicious Loon, I would be thinking they know something and are covering their asses before the electromagnetic energy hits the fan!!!


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All Hail Telstra

Youre mean big telco giant

Youre mean, big telco giant

One of Australia’s big telco giants, Telstra, has announced that anyone paying their bills in person will be charged up to 2% in additional fees. WTF big telco giant? You have got to be kidding me. Seems Mr big telco giant wants its customers to make online BPAY payments so they don’t have to get off their lazy asses and deal with people face to face! Hmm, I wouldn’t want to face the public after this little announcement either. See what you get when you privatize a friggin monopoly. Mr big telco giant’s head honcho said “Every year we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on billing, which includes processing bill payments, paying third-party billing service providers, answering customers’ questions about their bills and operating systems to support billing,” Boo friggin hoo, Mr big telco giant, isn’t that called running a friggin company.
And cue public Telstra backlash…now! See ya, don’t want to be ya!


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