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Tossed Salad Anyone?

Psst, anyone know where I can find the nearest Sizzlers?

Remember the al Qaeda group who tried to blow up planes using two toner cartridge bombs? Well, I have it on good authority (CNN) they were going to poison salad bars and buffets throughout the US first but decided against it. Hmm,  probably because they wouldn’t get the credit for it.  Hello, there could be any number of things that could kill you stone dead in those friggin salad bars. Anywho, US Authorities received info that the terrorist group were planning to lace food supplies with ricin and cyanide. Despite the threat being credible the US officials didn’t bother warning the public because they believed it was beyond the capabilities of the terrorist organization and was merely a tactic not an actual plot. Hmm, just like flying planes into New York?


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Badminton Terror Targets

Englands badminton team flees India due to terrorist threatsOMG. No really people, OMG. News just in, England’s badminton team have been forced to pull out of the world championships in India due to terror threats by the Islamic terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Taiba (who the hell are they?). Damn! Now I am going to have to cancel my subscription to the special sports channel. Why pick on badminton, people? It’s such a quiet (but fast) sport and has never (so much as I know) ever been high up on the terror target list. But according to people who are in the know, there was a specific threat. OK, maybe not directed at badminton players but in a sort of “anniversary of India’s independence” way. Anywho, that was enough for the English team to take their rackets and shuttlecocks and go home.

Psst Scotland and Wales have decided to stay regardless of the threat. Hmm, I suppose when you think about it, they do have way quicker reflexes than cricket players!


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