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Evidently Terrorist’s Hate Talent Shows

bomb-3OK people, you might be taking this increased terrorism level threat a little too far. Seems extra security has been placed on the set of X Factor Australia to screen audience members carrying bags onto the set. Hmm, with all the pyrotechnics used on the show it would be hard to work out who was kabooming who. I smell a publicity stunt.

Note I gotta ask …why is no one worried about Channel Ten’s Family Feud?

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Oh Goodie, Terrorist Alert Before Christmas

How much to send this to the US?

Oh crap, the US terrorist alert has flipped into “full on fear”  following  explosive packages being found at a UK and Dubai airport overnight. Sheez, it  must be real serious, because even President Obama took time out from his busy schedule to warn of a “credible terrorist threat” after the two suspicious packages (disguised as printer cartridges) turned out to be friggin bombs. Both packages were on United Parcel Service (UPS) flights originating from Yemen and destined for Chicago AND both were addressed to unnamed synagogues in Chicago. Al Qaeda have been named as the usual suspect.

UPDATE : A Yemeni woman has been arrested over the bombs.


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Toilet Terror On Airlines

OK, when he comes out we will all jump him, agreed?

OK people, now that we know there are massive holes in America’s homeland security… hello, even Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father had warned the US of his son’s fanatical ways…you don’t want to be upchucking in no toilet anytime soon. Some poor Nigerian passenger who was decidedly ill on a Delta Airlines flight caused a scare after he spent an hour in the toilet. Worried flight crew eventually extracted him from his safe haven  and that’s when became verbally abusive. OK, I can see the concern, because it was the same friggin route , airline and flight number as Abdulmutallab and he was Nigerian to boot. Come on people, you can never be too careful after the horse has bolted. Anywho, after being taken into custody and interviewed they were pretty much satisfied the guy was really sick.


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Badminton Terror Targets

Englands badminton team flees India due to terrorist threatsOMG. No really people, OMG. News just in, England’s badminton team have been forced to pull out of the world championships in India due to terror threats by the Islamic terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Taiba (who the hell are they?). Damn! Now I am going to have to cancel my subscription to the special sports channel. Why pick on badminton, people? It’s such a quiet (but fast) sport and has never (so much as I know) ever been high up on the terror target list. But according to people who are in the know, there was a specific threat. OK, maybe not directed at badminton players but in a sort of “anniversary of India’s independence” way. Anywho, that was enough for the English team to take their rackets and shuttlecocks and go home.

Psst Scotland and Wales have decided to stay regardless of the threat. Hmm, I suppose when you think about it, they do have way quicker reflexes than cricket players!


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Extended Service Contract Rage

WTF, Charles Papenfus should be applauded and  a medal hung on his chest, people. Hmm, instead the Ohio man has been thrown in jail after he lost his temper with a extended auto service contract telemarketer. OK, Charles may have gone a little postal when he said he would burn down the building and kill the employees and their families. But please, we are talking telemarketers here. Evidently the fur flew after Mr Papenfus told the telemarketer the company was “a scam” and he barked back something along the lines of “you’re a jackass”. Now Mr Papenfus is sitting in a jail 450 miles away from home, charged with making terrorist threats and the possibility of spending 4 years behind bars. Ahhhh, so that’s what the friggin “your call may or may not be recorded for quality control purposes” is for…those bastards!

My favorite telemarketer ever……

Oh and the pain of dealing with Dell ….enjoy


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