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Is Your Kid A Psychopath?

Scientists can tell if your child is a psychopathWant to know if your kid is a psychopath? Wonder no more. ¬†The University College London can tell you with a simple brain scan. Scientists there have been testing kids between 10-16 to see if a certain region of their brain shows reduced activity when they see images of people in pain. If they do, viola, you have a potential psychopath on your hands. Hmm, not really sure what you do with that information but maybe you should start by hiding the pets ūüė¶

Want sauce with that?


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Searching For the “Evil” Gene

Evil gene...and you?

Evil gene…and you?

Years ago I read a book by a Quantico profiler who had studied some of the worse serial killers in the US. He hinted that it was highly probably that there was a direct link between their actions and a dodgy gene. However, the FBI were reluctant to confirm this in fear that it would act as a loophole for lawyers to get their clients off. ¬†So where am I going with this? Well, today it was announced that a group of ¬†United States geneticists want to study Newtown school killer Adam Lanza’s remains, in the hope of finding a mutant gene. The problem is, if they do identify it, then what? ¬†We test people for the “evil” gene and ?????? ¬†Hmm, there’s a stigma you just don’t want.


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The Coke Zero and Mentos Rocket Car

Hmm, if BP go kaput from there disastrous little oil leak in the Mexican Gulf they can always invest in Coke and Mentos, way safer.


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Cat and Dog vs iPad

You know it had to happen, a feline (Iggy the cat) and a canine (Chloe the Corgi) are put to the iPad test. It just goes to show who’s the more superior beast.



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The Freeze Test

Is it true that if you go outside in very cold temperatures with wet hair it will freeze? Here’s the test and the fools that participated.

Psst Isn’t it also true that if you go outside in very cold temperatures your penis shrinks?


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