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Someone’s Having A Ball

What would you do if you survived testicular cancer? Hmm, well, Thomas Cantley is pushing a 6ft inflatable testicle across America with the message “Be ballsy” on it to raise awareness of the disease. He is also filling his giant testicle with messages he receives from people he meets along the way.


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What Would Make You Give Up A Testicle?

OK guys, what sort of car would make you give up a testicle ? Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari? Hmm, some guy is giving up a ball to purchase his dream car …. a Nissan. Evidently the going rate in the US for a testicle is $35,000, the exact price for a Nissan 370Z V6 Coupe.The guy is happy to donate to medical science in return to be sitting (even if a tad lobsided) behind the wheel of a coupe.


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So Is It Your Left or My Left?

Oh crap!

So how much is a testicle worth? Hmm, if you are Italian man who had his healthy one removed in a hospital bungle it’s around $260,000. The unnamed mad had a tumor in his left ball but surgeons accidentally removed the right one. So in the end he had no balls but a nice deposit in his bank account.


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