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Superman Fail

Just saying

superman fail



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Oh Shit

Man texting will driving crashes into trailer of manure

Just picture this in liquid form

Let this be a lesson to all of you, a man in a rented convertible who was texting on his phone drove smack, bang into the back of truck pulling a trailer of liquid manure. Poetic justice or God’s dark humor?


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Better Than Having To Talk To Those Freaks

And now for a piece of useless information. How many text messages are received every single day in the US? If you said about 200,000,000,000,000 (which is friggin two hundred trillion) you’d be  correct. Teens alone send on average about 3339 a month. OMG, I’m LMfrigginAO!


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When A Hubby Calls

Calling Carol Kane, Carol Kane to the front desk please! Honey, sweetie, darl, hiding in a cardboard box in your ex-wife’s closet and texting her descriptions of the interior of her house is a violation of your FOUR restraining orders mister.Manuel Heredia Hernandez was discovered by police after a terrified ex realized the calls were coming from inside the house (insert psycho music).

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Multi Tasking On a Whole New Level

Raymond A. Dryier from Illinois was not only driving drunk on a busy highway, he was also driving his car on the wrong side of the road… while texting. And who said men can’t multi-task!


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Multi-tasking Fail


OK, here’s the thing snowflakes, if you are skateboarding while texting, it’s gonna end in tears. A 12 year old from West Covina can vouch for that. He was cleaned up by a pickup truck after he skated into traffic while texting on his cell phone. Kaboom!


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You Might Want To Consider A Different Occupation

Suspended bus driver kills pedestrian first day back at work


Remember the bus driver who was suspended for texting messages to his Facebook page while driving? Well, he’s back…hmm well sort of briefly. Jeremy Philhower’s first day back didn’t go so well, he hit and killed a pedestrian on Ninth Ave, New York. In a sad twist Seth Kahn would have been alive today had the arbitrator fired him (like the agency wanted) instead of sending him to driver safety and customer service training courses.

Psst Mr Philhower had been dissing his passengers on the text messages he was sending to his Facebook.


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The Brits know How To Multi Task On The Loo

Hmm, text time!

Hmm, text time!

Wanna know some gross and useless facts about what goes on whilst people from the UK pass the time (and other things) on the toilet? Next time you receive a text message from someone in the UK there is a 34% chance that person sent it while sitting on the loo, 33% admitted they made phone calls whilst on the throne and 7% actually surfed the net while tending to their bladder and bowels. Oh dear god and as if that wasn’t bad enough 18% of UK men admitted they completed crosswords or Sudoku while hogging the latrine. The survey was conducted as part of Love Your Gut week. You can read more about it on their website Love Your Guts.

Psst OK, let me say emphatically, the Loon never ever has nor never ever will, blog, Twitter or text on the loo. Not that I don’t like multi tasking but I simply don’t have a long enough extension cord (Jammers, no smart assed comment from you thanks!!)


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The Pitfalls of Texting



One of the many hazards of texting while walking is the possibility of falling down a manhole. Hmm, just ask Alexa Longueira. She was merrily texting away on a street in Staten Island when she suddenly plummeted down a sewer manhole. Oooh a tweeter lands on her twat! Those damn maintenance workers had just turned their backs for one sec when…whoops… down she went. Oh yes and of course the  Longueira family are suing. No one puts our baby in the sewer!


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