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Cave Rescue

For the 13 young people trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, the news that a Navy Seal has died en route to them must be devastating. While the world collectively holds their breath, a rethink is now on. The group are trapped in a small pocket. The only possible way out is to swim underwater for about 750m. It isn’t a straight swim, they will have to navigate through some narrow passages in the pitch dark. The risky decision to teach the teens and coach, not only to swim but to use diving equipment may have to aborted following the death of the experienced diver. Time is against them as a monsoon is about to hit and with it more torrential rain. This is truly what nightmares are made of. I have my fingers crossed that by some miracle they can be saved.


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Selfie No No

One more time tourists, please don’t be doing no butt selfies when visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand. Your reward for exposing your ass and posting it on instagram is an embarassing arrest at the airport and a fine for your efforts. Just saying.

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Want To Hear A Man Scream Like A Girl?

A Thai man thought he could withstand the might of the local stinging red ants …so he put a nest of them down his jocks. What ensues is the screams of the damned at several octaves higher .


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Might Explain High Pregnancy Rates

Oh well, isn’t this a little embarrassing. Thai authorities are telling teens to stop bowing to peer pressure and quit buying condoms that don’t fit. Seems Thailand’s youth are buying large and extra large condoms to avoid being mocked. Problem is they don’t stay on.

PSST In Japan they use to brand the large ones Foreigner Condoms



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Lynn And Rip Are Making A Difference

Christopher Robert ProjectMany of you Loons may know Lynn and Rip and have followed their journey. For those of you who haven’t, it has been one of immense joy , sorrow and rebirth. Lynn began writing a blog a few years back following the death of her beloved son Christopher but it soon became apparent that Lynn had become a restless soul in a world without him.   Both Lynn and her hubby Rip packed their bags (and their cat – the late Lucky Bastard) and headed to Thailand to just “get away”. What was to be a couple of months has now turned into a friggin lifetime. Dengue fever, motorcycle injured, buffalo butt eating Lynn and layback Rip have found their place in the world (if only for awhile) to honour the memory of their son and to pay it forward on his behalf. They have set up the Christopher Robert Project and are helping disadvantaged children in remote villages. This has not been an easy journey and it has been pulled along by part tears and part sorrow, though Lynn would probably say it has all been pulled along by a mother’s love.  I have been following their journey for some time and I couldn’t be more proud of what these two have acheived. If you would like to help or simply offer them moral support you can find them here Christopher Robert Project.  Every cent donated goes towards educating the children in the hilltribes.


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Elephant Eats Apple … iPhone

Seriously, I wouldn’t be that desperate to get it back . In fact, keep it.


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Here Today Gone Tomorrow

A 50 year old Thai man is without his genitals today after he had olive oil injected into his penis to make it bigger. Seriously guys, you have to get over size does matter thingy. Seems it is quite popular in Thailand to have the olive oil treatment and so is the severe infections that can result.


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Red Bull Creator Dies

Chaleo Yoovidhya, who gave us heart  palpitations in a can has died. Chaleo started a  small Pharmaceutical company in Thailand in the 1960s and later developed an energy drink called Krathing Daeng (Red Bull). The drink was extremely popular among local truck drivers and blue collar workers but remained unknown to the rest of the world. Hmm, that was until Chaleo meet Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. The pair launched the Red Bull brand globally in 1987 and the rest is nightclub history. Chaleo Yoovidhya was 89.


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Bomber Blows His Legs Off

Oh for crying out loud. When a massive explosion blew the roof off a house in  Thailand, one of the Iranians, who had been inside, tried to wave down a taxi but the driver refused to stop so the dude threw a grenade at him. Unfortunately, when he tried the same trick as police rolled up, the grenade he chucked bounced off a tree, landed at his feet and blew his legs off. Hmm, new meaning to Bangkok. Authorities believe the Iranian bombers are part of the same group responsible for the car bombing of an Israeli diplomats wife in India the day before.


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Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Can you pass me a condom?

You would think food and water would be the top priority for flood victims in Thailand, but no, authorities are making sure helicopters are also dropping boxes of condoms. Reason? The ministry of public health fear that due to severe boredom during the monsoon floods there could be a baby boom. Seriously?


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