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Wrong Number Blessing

Wanna hear a story that will bring a tear to your eye? Well, you are going to anyways. Picture this, Lucy Crutchfield rings her daughter and leaves a message  telling her she will send her money for groceries even if it means she will miss her mortgage payment. Damn it, her grandchildren need to eat something for Thanksgiving. The only problem was Lucy rang the wrong number. Lucy had left a message on Virginia Saenz’s phone, a real estate agent from San Diego and a complete stranger. After listening to the distraught message, Virginia rings Lucy back and tells her to make her mortgage repayments she will buy the groceries for her daughter. She then rings Lucy’s daughter and asks what she would like , her reply was simple “eggs and milk’. Determined to honor her promise Virginia and her son went shopping and bought food for a Thanksgiving dinner and enough groceries to get them through to the next month. Had Lucy not accidentally rung the wrong number she would have lost her house as it was already in foreclosure.

Psst Put the phone down loons, only in case of emergencies! Cat God Frank down, put it down! Sheez!


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Don’t Move

Ah shit!

You know what I hate? When you visit your son on Long Island for Thanksgiving and you fall neck deep into a friggin cesspool.I really hate that. Eduardo Matos (71) fell into the sewage while walking outside on the lawn.  Mr Matos  said “I was calm . . . If you panic, that shit will suck you right in,”. No shit! He was eventually rescued by his son and daughter. So much for Thanksgiving!


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Happy Thanksgiving Granny!

Here, catch!

You soon find out who your friends  are on Thanksgiving. A woman caused utter chaos after she took her unwanted Thanksgiving present to the Dennis Police Department. Roads were closed, the local fire department alerted and the state bomb squad called in when she whipped out a World War II hand grenade one of her relis gave her. Ninety minutes later it was confirmed it didn’t have a blasting cap so couldn’t explode. I guess their inheritance will have to wait!


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